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"Engaging children through creative play empowers them to explore technology, develop critical thinking and acquire key problem-solving skills" (Costas Sisamos, founder and CEO, 2004).

Our construction sets and home-learning STEM solutions are uniquely designed to equip young learners from 3 to 12+, with safe and innovative products, that organically fuse play with learning. The successful approach of ENGINO® focuses on immersing children in phydgital experiences that combine the physical creation of models with user-friendly interactive software and apps.


A journey to discovery:

Play to Invent™ 4 steps!

This original motto of ENGINO®, launched back in 2007, tried to capture the true essence of creative play. Since then, STEM has evolved to encompass much of ENGINO®'s philosophy of game-based learning and interdisciplinary approach. The exciting journey towards inventiveness is not left at random; our method has 4 major steps, consistently proven to bring results.

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