Is intelligence a stable trait?
Understand the development of students’ mindset and pave their academic success!

Is a person’s intelligence set in stone? Once there was a time when we had to learn the simplest of skills, such as walking and talking, but is there a limit to everyone’s intelligence? Are we born with a certain potential and try as we might, we simply cannot exceed that? In other words, is intelligence a stable trait?

Studies show that this is all about mindset!

Take for example a group of students who are all getting low grades on their course. They all accept that they’re not doing well at the moment, but those students who simply are of the mindset that they’re not very good at the subject, because they lack the required intelligence, are far more likely to ultimately fail, than those who are of the mindset that intelligence is fluid, that it can be built upon and improved.

For the students with that more positive mindset, the outcome is ultimately better, and they are more likely to go on to overcome their problems, gain a greater understanding, not give up, and eventually pass the course.

  • How to ensure students have the right mindset

So, it’s the educators and parents’ role to ensure every child is of the right mindset to get the very most from their education and achieve the best possible results.

Sparking their imagination and encouraging enquiry, you should always differentiate and understand that the way you praise children communicates implicit message about the nature of intelligence.

Praising children’s attributes (i.e. intelligence) implies that success is the result of innate traits and encourages a fixed mindset as they will believe that they are “born” smart, whereas praising their process (i.e. their effort) implies that success is the result of their “hard work” behaviour, encouraging a growth of mindset!

A skilful educator or a caring parent can steer them into a new way of thinking. Once detangling the development of children’s mindsets, it creates ways of not only encouraging, but also altering the students’ future success dramatically. Putting them on a better track and propelling them forward! 

  • STEM subjects offer opportunities for positive mindset development

Learning to think ‘outside of the box’, to use our minds to make hypotheses, use testing processes, collaborate with a team and observe results are all vital skills that we can apply internally to own decision making and observational processes in life.

Assessing results and fine-tuning processes to create a better result each time also plays a vital role in helping students view their intelligencethoughtsbehaviours, and ultimately their academic performance to be improvable!

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Successfully creating an Engino project that works as predicted, perhaps with some alterations along the way, brings a huge feeling of accomplishment. It helps to put the minds of young people on the right track, with positive reinforcement. Engino sets are so engaging that students are more likely to persevere, to get the results they want, rather than giving up because they just don’t feel they can do it.

  • Engino – for education at home or in the classroom

In closing, it’s important to remember that student’s academic success is influenced not only by their cognitive abilities and content knowledge, but also by non-cognitive factors, such as their beliefs, attitudes, and values.

Finally, whether you’re a parent or a teacher, Engino and the use of our versatile educational toy sets can help children’s cognitive and overall development, encouraging them to take on more challenging tasks and persist by trying new strategies, or increasing their efforts.

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