Corporate Social Responsibility

Building towards a better future

As lifetime educators and creators of educational toys used by young learners around the world, we're serious about promoting more inclusive educational experiences and environmentally-aware product design.  

Environmental-friendly engineering

Our manufacturing and distribution practices and our product design are fully in line with the latest European environmental policies. All Engino plastic, for instance, can be recycled.

But we're making an even bigger impact by encouraging young learners in homes and classrooms all over the world to start thinking about the environment and their impact on it. For example, our solar energy sets use solar-powered panels instead of batteries. Our botanic laboratory is a hands-on lesson in cultivating green spaces, and our award-winning Eco Builds series uses sustainable beech wood and recyclable plastic parts to teach kids how construction can be environmentally friendly.

Making things with sustainable materials and incorporating awareness for the environment into thinking and engineering processes is a key building block for a greener future. 

Community-centered education

We believe that the STEM conversation needs to be happening everywhere, both inside and outside classrooms, and that it should be open to educators, academics, parents and, of course, students around the world.

Locally, we encourage school visits to Engino headquarters and we actively participate in science fairs and research programs around the country. We also organize engineering summer camps, building and robotics competitions, and much more.

As educators, we're also serious about being a voice for change in a field that has historically underrepresented by girls and women. There aren't enough female engineers practicing today. Our Inventor Girl series, which encourages girls to dive into the world of STEM, is a step towards closing the gender gap in engineering.  

For more information about the educational events we organize, or to collaborate on or participate in a future event, please contact us here.