The new INVENTOR MECHANICS series has a thematic approach with multi model
capabilities, featuring an impressive main model. A new library of patent-pending
components has been added to the ENGINO® system which enhances both aesthetics
and technical features. These parts include high-precession wheels, mechanisms and
snap-fit curved surfaces. The smaller sets in the series are suitable for 7 year olds,
while older children are challenged with the bigger sets which include also a geared
motor. The top of range steps-up the complexity with Robotics technology, Bluetooth
connectivity and software control.

NEW STEAM LABS Toybook Series

The new STEAM LABS™ toybook series has been developed based on the latest
Pedagogical trend that incorporates “Arts” within the STEM wording. Even though art
is an inherent part of the engineering design process, “A” puts emphasis on one of
the highest brain functions of human beings, that of inspirational creativity.
“Inspiration” has been the driving force behind all humanity’s masterworks, either
inventions, architecture, music, painting or literature. STEAM LABS™ toybook series
innovate further by bundling the toy with the Theory & Activity book on the outside of
the box, shrink-wrapped together. Each set includes sheets of paper with pre-defined
sketches which kids can paint, cut and attach on their models. The books explain the
theory about the subject and include smart experimental activities that relate to each
theme. These books come with our free Augmented Reality app (AR) that makes
content much more engaging and entertaining!