Junior Engineers

Our Junior Engineers, both boys and girls, are just starting to explore their physical world and they are full of curiosity and determination! They are extremely active, have short attention spans, lower control of small muscles in their fingers, and still develop their hand-eye coordination. The products and solutions by ENGINO® for this age group have been specifically designed to increase spatial awareness and enhance their dexterity skills. Our QBOIDZ™ innovative building system can lead to increasing complexity as your  Junior Engineer  grows, leading to a smooth transition from practical to logical thinking.

STEM Toy Sets

Standalone and always compatible toy sets to help children acquire profound new skills and capabilities to inspire future engineers and innovators.


Home Schooling Plans

Gain access to professional content services and premium features on an ongoing basis. A complete learning experience, that turns your living room into a DIY maker space.

Subscription Box

A monthly STEM toy kit is delivered to your doorstep along with weekly online experiments and activities. There are no commitments or cancellation fees! Choose the monthly box to suit you.