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Inspiring the next generation of inventors

An entertainment, leisure and edutainment concept designed for Shopping malls.

The Concept

Engino Innovation Labs has been created to meet the ever-growing need for large scale entertainment and leisure venues that provide much more than just retail.

It is aimed at children aged 3-14+.

Sized to go in regional shopping centres or retail parks, the concept is 25% experience retail, 65% edutainment and 10% café.

The edutainment element is comprised of interactive modules that take kids through carefully designed activities which teach them concepts such as mechanics, robotics, biology, space exploration, energy etc.

Ticketed access allows 1-hour sessions in different edutainment zones, classrooms and activities.

Multiple play zones are free to visitors and provide interactive learning opportunities for guests.

Longer, multiple session classes, provide repeat visit opportunities and will deliver in-depth educational classes around Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Factory Experience

Within the retail experience area, free access is provided to the ‘Engino factory’ placed at the centre of the Lab.

This facility can allow kids to design and manufacture their own models, design the packaging and print the box. Another machine can customise Engino parts and to create key rings.

Experience tables allow kids and parents to play with the connectors, make toys and be inspired by digital and physical models.

Maker Experience Pods

To the side and surrounded by a wall of product, ‘Maker Experience Pods’ allow kids to design their own toys using the patented Engino 3D software.

Easy to use and great fun, the software allows the toy that has been designed to be ordered and shipped home.

Explorer Space Buggy

Bursting out of the store, a giant space buggy offers kids of 7-12+ the opportunity to go on an adventure through space to complete challenges to save the human race!

Having been set the challenge by the captain on the buggy flight deck the ‘adventurers’ have a series of tasks to complete at different modules. Learn how to build a survival structure on the next planet, test and experiment with levers, triangulation and loads to complete the task.

An hour-long series of challenges teach the kids the basics of Physics, Newton's laws, renewable energy and programmable robotics whilst having creative and mind-challenging fun. This is a ticketed adventure.

The Café

A café central to the Lab provides space for parents and carers and kids to relax and recharge on healthy and nutritional snacks and drinks whilst watching all that goes on around and above them.

The Warehouse

High above at the back of the store, a warehouse with robotic arms can be seen packing and delivering models via conveyor belts which snake across the store above the café to deliver the product directly to the cash and info desk.

The Adventure Zone

Children of 3-7 have ticketed access to a soft play zone designed across 2 levels.

Based around simplified concepts of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics the play will be fun but will also develop the minds and motor skills of the children

Innovation Labs 1-4

These innovative classroom labs can take up to 10 kids and will offer high and low tech opportunities to learn from trained staff.

CAD design, 3D printers, tablets and self-build experiments will teach subjects such as robotics and programming to a high level.

Bespoke software will track each child’s progress to give parents a clear understanding of what is being covered each session.

Up to 12 one and a half hour sessions can be booked.

Change the retail landscape with Engino concept stores.

Discover how to blend digital, physical and social for better customer experience. 

Business Objectives

Meeting the Tomorrow Consumers Needs

The world is changing fast and retail is struggling to keep up. In the last few years, we have seen more change happening than ever before. The mobile phone and A.I. technology, is driving change both consciously and subconsciously. As humans we are behaving differently, we are wanting different things and we are spending our time and money differently.

Retailers are responding or dying, retail environments are morphing into new versions, new visions, new formats. The old principles that drove retail have been replaced by new metrics that see digital, physical and social in the same camp and with all driving ‘Return On Experience’ (R.O.E)

“New EXPERIENCE-driven concepts are needed that combine edutainment, creativity and interactivity to deliver a rewarding, memorable, remarkable retail and leisure experience.”

Engino Innovation Labs has been created to meet and exceed these needs. The creative learning foundations of Engino gives it the credibility and knowledge to succeed where other less pedagogic offers may fall short of delivering rich and rewarding experiences.