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The Award-winning STEM & Robotics School program now available for all ages in the comfort of your home. 

How it Works?

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Internationally recognized STEM programs developed to support students from Preschool to Highschool

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An Engino comprehensive STEM kit, including all parts needed, will be delivered to you at no extra cost! 

Build & Experiment 

Follow online instructions to build a new Engino model every month or use your imagination to develop your ideas!

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Access the Homelearning E-learning platform to earn a STEM certificate by completing online activities and quizzes!

4 Steps to Success & Benefits!

Empower your Children to Become Future Scientists, Engineers & Innovators with the right tools
to tame technological advancements of the future

Step 1 :  Building

Kids love stacking and snapping our colorful parts together to make their very own creations that spin, roll walk, and run. Our patented unidirectional rods and connectors let young engineers actually feel what it's like to build in 3D space and have fun doing it. 

What kids get:
Hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking, cooperation, and instruction following

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Step 2:  Problem Solving

How do planets actually revolve around the sun? What makes a robot move? Can the sun really power a car? Engino’s homeschooling STEM kits give kids the chance to explore the science that fascinates them. Because asking why is what it’s all about.

What kids get:
Critical thinking, creative problem solving, and advanced spatial thinking

Step 3:  Learning

Asking the right questions is where science starts. But young learners also need the theory to start answering those questions by themselves. When kids experiment at home with Engino, they’re not just learning to be creative, they’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of scientific discovery.

What kids learn:
Applied knowledge & theory, and scientific methodology

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Step 4:  Creating

Get familiar with technology applications, software, programming & mild coding, and understand the process of scientific experimentation

What kids learn: 
Coding, robotics, advanced engineering skills, and inventing

What is Included?

Playing with Engino is a complete learning experience. 

Whether your children are building their first greenhouse or proving why a dragon couldn’t really breathe fire, Engino homeschooling Subscription kits give you all the resources you need to turn your living room into a DIY maker space. Kids will have as much fun learning core STEM principles as they will build their favorite animals, vehicles, buildings, and machines from scratch.

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Free Building Kit

Lots of colorful parts and electronics where needed, think of it as your toolkit to practice pedagogical principles of STEM. Building and learning to follow instructions is a critical part of all scientific work that will set the right example for your children, helping them keep focused on their projects. If your child can handle a tablet or smartphone, they’ll love our interactive 3D builder app. 

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Blended Learning

Combining an E-learning platform with face-to-face visits along with Hands-on experiments and easy-to-learn theory Kids teach themselves core STEM principles.  Our intermediate and advanced home learning kits come with history and facts, fun experiments, and the scientific principles behind every subject your child explores. This means young learners aren’t just building models. They’re figuring out what makes them work using a scientific method.

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Online model library

Kids won’t ever exhaust the possibilities of building with Engino.  All our STEM home learning courses come with extra online building ideas and instructions. Even if your children build all of our models, every Engino STEM kit is compatible with each other , so there’s no end to the play.


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3D Builder Software

Kids follow instructions the way they build in 3D. 
Our revolutionary 3D Builder shows you and your children exactly how your models look and feel in virtual reality. You can even build with virtual pieces and zoom in on difficult areas.  


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KEIRO Software

KEIRO is a key element in programming your Robots. ENGINO® has developed a user-friendly Scratch-like software that allows multiple methods of programming depending on the user's needs and capabilities.

Compatible with
  Windows  macOS,   Android  iOS

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Engino Community

The Engino Community is formed by STEM Education experts, children, and parents eager to join the thrill of scientific discovery. Sharing your builds, lesson plans, coding skills and ideas is what is all about!

Choose your child's Age Group

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Junior Engineer    

Junior Engineers 3 to 6 year old, build their favorite animals, vehicles, and ships!
Along with fun activities to practice colors, shapes, the alphabet, and basic math to slowly introduce little learners to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). 

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Young Engineer

Young Engineers age 7 to 9, will take their programming skills to the next level and develop core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills with our curriculum-ready STEM robotics subscription by building and experimenting with their robots.

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Master Engineer

Master Engineers 10 to 13 years old, will have fun exploring conditional statements, variables, functions, and operators as they build and program more sophisticated robots and dive deeper into core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Math) principles.

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Professional Engineer

Professional Engineers aged 14+, with advanced programming knowledge can test their robotics design and coding skills to the limit using the Arduino Open Source Platform. Set up circuits with your onboard breadboard or experiment with
up to 5 ready-made sensors.

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