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Make your students love STEM

Educators ourselves, we know just how challenging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is to teach. But we also know how wonderful and formative this experience it can be for young learners. We’ve made it our mission to make your STEM classroom experience as wonderful as it should be. We’re Engino and we’re specialists in creative STEM educational toys that bring the wonder back to engineering.

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Teaching with Engino® 

Engino® is a comprehensive STEM solution that lets you meet curriculum goals and teaches the core STEM skills that your students need to soar both inside and outside your classroom. Engino’s® multi-award-winning science kits are made for teachers by teachers, so integrating Engino into your classroom is easy. We give you all the resources: structured lesson plans, teacher’s guides, experiments and software so you can spend more time teaching.


The Award-winning STEM & Robotics School program now available for all ages   
 in the comfort of your home

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        Build your STEM classroom experience

        Transform your classroom into a collaborative STEM makerspace with hardly any prep time. 

        Engino’s hands-on science kits make teaching fundamental STEM skills fun again with toxin-free, easy-to-assemble parts, ready-made online lesson plans, drag-and-drop robotics software, and more–for all ages and learning styles. Start planning your next class with Engino today.