Learning Through Playing

If playing is necessary for deep learning, then the world needs more playing. Playing with blocks. Playing with ideas. Playing with machines we build ourselves. This is what the   Engino Learning System  is all about.  

Because when kids are having fun exploring things that matter to them, they open themselves up fully to the joy of scientific discovery. 

After 20 years in the industry, we know that there are many innovative ways for your children to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) outside the classroom, but today we believe more than ever that Engino is the best choice for your family.

Learning with Engino

Playing with Engino is a complete learning experience.

Whether your children are building their first greenhouse or proving why a dragon cannot really breathe fire, 
Engino home model kits  give you all the resources you need to turn your living room into a DIY makerspace. 
Kids will have as much fun   learning core STEM principles  as they will   building their favorite animals
vehicles, buildings and machines  from scratch.

Hands-on experiments and easy-to-learn theory

Kids teach themselves core STEM principles.
Our intermediate and advanced STEM model kits are packed with colored booklets that include history and facts, fun experiments and the scientific principles behind every subject your child explores. This means that young learners aren’t just building models. They’re figuring out what makes them work using the scientific method.

 3D Builder

Kids follow building instructions in 3D.
Our revolutionary 3D Builder shows you and your children exactly how your models look and feel in virtual reality. You can even build with virtual pieces and zoom in on difficult problems. 

 Online model library

Kids won’t ever exhaust the possibilities of building with Engino. All our STEM toys come with extra online building ideas and instructions. Even if your children have built all of our models, every Engino model kit is compatible with every other kit, so there’s no end to the play.

 Step-by-step instructions on paper or online

Learning to follow instructions is a critical part of all scientific work. Our easy-to-read, full-colored instructions will set the right example for your children, helping them keep focused on their projects. If your child can handle a tablet or smartphone, they’ll surely love our interactive 3D building app, which will actually show them how their models behave in 3D space.

Playing with Engino is fun

Kids love to play with our colorful, shiny rods and connectors because our   patented snap-fit connectivity  was 

specially designed for   easy building and taking apart.  

 Build in any direction                             

Engino’s unique snap-fit assembly lets kids build models vertically or sideways with ease from up to 6 sides simultaneously . Rods can also be snapped together without connectors, which means children need half as many parts to build, so they spend less time sticking pieces together and more time inventing.

 Connect everywhere

Engino model kits let young inventors explore real-life building problems with zero restrictions. Our patented multidirectional pivots make the building at tricky angles in 3D space a snap. Build at 90° or 45°, or at any angle in between, simply by adjusting the pivot with your finger.

 Extend or shorten

Engino goes beyond traditional brick-based building sets. With our revolutionary extendable rods, young learners can build anything they can imagine, even triangles, while reducing the amount of parts required and maximizing efficiency. If you make a mistake, there’s no need to rebuild from scratch. Just lengthen or shorten the rod.

 Stack or click

Engino is for little inventors too! Our latest patented design gives growing hands a tool to build in a way they’re comfortable with, while boosting dexterity and spatial thinking. Best of all, our new early learner bricks are fully compatible with all other Engino parts!

Playing with Engino is a headstart on STEM

Engino is much more than a building set. Every Engino model kit is a fully-researched science toy based on an educational philosophy that incorporates the latest developments in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning.

When your children grow up playing with Engino STEM toys, they will:

Discover what’s it’s like to think in 3D space and how structures actually feel and behave in their hands.
Find creative solutions to problems that really matter to them and test them with real-world experiments.
Teach themselves how the world works through inquiry-based learning.
Design and create the innovations that will drive tomorrow’s world.

Start your child's STEM journey today!