Our Operations

How we develop our Solutions  (R&D)

Since its inception, ENGINO® has been focused on creativity and innovation. From the drawing board to the market shelves, an elaborated process is followed that leads to the development of high quality products. For this, several skills are required and a team of exceptional professionals has been assembled. This includes academics, engineers, product designers, illustrators, educational specialists and marketing experts. All research is carried out in-house, ensuring effective communication between the team members and faster development time. 

In fact, Research & Development has been a key element to ENGINO®'s success, with multiple research projects running simultaneously. Now, with a product range of more than 60 different sets, ranging from simple structures and mechanisms to solar energy sets and wireless robotics, ENGINO® is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field.

 How we control (Quality Control)

At ENGINO® Toy factory, health and safety come on top in our list of priorities. We are fully aware that the ENGINO® products end up in children's hands of all ages, so we make sure that every part is rigorously tested for quality and safety. That is why the whole production process undergoes a continuous inspection and quality control based on the BS6001-3 and ISO 2859-3 standards.

Moreover, ENGINO® complies with all European toy standards and is being tested by international independent organizations. ENGINO® products are certified in Germany for EN71 parts 1-3, ASTMF963-11, CPSC, Pthalates, EN62115, PAHs. As of 2013, ENGINO.net Ltd is also certified for the ISO9001 management system by TUV organization. ENGINO® toys are being tested yearly for safety in independent laboratories and fulfill all safety standards for toys.

 How we manufacture (Manufacturing)

The success of ENGINO® is reflected in the recent expansion (2012) to a new fully automated factory in Europe, Cyprus. This has set the bar for new standards for production in Europe by introducing vertical integration from conception to manufacturing and retail. 

The factory has 3 sections: tool making, injection molding of plastic parts and packaging, allowing smooth control of the entire production process. The implementation of lean manufacturing methods and the high level of quality control has led to the minimization of the production cost, while also assuring fast lead-times and consistent quality. Several patents and industrial designs have been issued and others are still pending. Our factory is equipped with the most modern software and CNC machinery to prototype and create new parts, while everything is tested rigorously to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

 How we support

Customer service does not end on a mere purchase of a product. As a matter of fact, here in ENGINO® we do our best to provide our buyers with continuous support and suggestions on how to build and modify their models. Through our website, you can download instructions to build several models and get ideas for different constructions. The teaching material can also be found on our website, with hundreds of experiments, educational activities as well as interesting facts about the models or the scientific principles involved.

Furthermore, we offer 3 years warranty for all parts and a 1-year warranty for the motor. If properly used, a defective or damaged part is replaced free of charge within the period mentioned. Of course, we would love to know and share your ideas and creations either through our social network pages or by uploading a video on YouTube, or by s imply  taking some photos and sending them to us via email at info@engino.com.

 How we distribute

The success of the company is reflected on ENGINO®'s long list of distinguished business distributors and educational associates. The retail market is well established in more than 40 countries all around the world. 

Specifically for education, there are many cases of educators and school suppliers who trust ENGINO® as a leading construction toy. ENGINO® is being used in schools with translated material in many countries such as the UK, USA, Brazil, Israel, Norway and Cyprus, and it is gradually becoming an integral part of the Design and Technology curriculum. ENGINO® is mostly used as an instructional tool for teaching Design & Technology and Physics disciplines. The books accompanying the ENGINO® STEM series, which are written by top educationists in cooperation with the educational department of the University of Cyprus, are based on the most recent STEM teaching methodologies. 

You may find ENGINO® products from the authorized importers listed on our website. For small orders, you can visit our online shop at www.enginotoys.com. For FOB orders, you may contact our international offices by sending your email to info@engino.com

 CSR - Environmental Policy

ENGINO® pays much attention to the manufacturing and distribution of ecological products. All products are environmentally friendly because the plastic that is used can be recycled. ENGINO® offers solar products where the motor is powered by a solar panel, instead of batteries. We have also launched the award-winning series of Eco Builds, which is based on a new innovation of ENGINO® toy system of connecting sustainable beech wood with plastic parts. The use of wood significantly reduces the plastic parts and leads to more efficient recycling. This makes the product an environmentally friendly solution.

Furthermore, ENGINO® frequently organizes a variety of educational events to inform and educate all those that are being involved in pedagogics: teachers, academics, parents and of course students. Some examples may include school visits at the factory, participation in science fairs and research programs, organization of educational activities such as camps, building and robotic contests, and much more.

 Mission statement and values

ENGINO® is an educationally and technologically oriented company. Its purpose is to create products that have the ability to unleash children's creativity and imagination in order to achieve the learning process through play. Through building with the ENGINO® toy system, children can enhance their 3-Dimensional perception and develop their dexterity and cognitive skills. For school settings, the company tries to provide  quality tools and teaching material to the  teachers, in order to help the students to learn in an exciting way. Models can be modified very easily, leading to the problem-solving process, which is not easily achievable with conventional brands.

The system is not comparable to other construction toy systems as it is a new innovation with a significant differentiation on how the parts are being connected. It is a simple snap-fit system with no screws or tools required. The basic system consists of only 18 parts that someone can connect in any direction of the 3D space. The ENGINO® parts are bigger than other systems and provide a nice grip for children, while the very small number of the parts leads to a fast learning curve. 

Most building systems are shifting more and more towards realistic models and licensed products, and use many specialized parts. By doing so, they moved away from the traditional quality of construction toys which meant building endlessly whatever the child can imagine. ENGINO® remains focused on these values, placing the inherent needs of a young inventor above the major TV and market trends. One way to recognize the creative capabilities of any building system is by checking how many models can be built from the same set. ENGINO® surpasses all brands in this ability and has launched sets that have instructions for more than 100 models!


The first ENGINO® sets were launched in 2007, attracting the interest of international toy buyers and educational specialists. The patented ability of the system to snap fit on multiple locations while maintaining simple manufacturing methods was a feature that unleashed great potential.

ENGINO® has been developed through years of research that was carried out by a team of engineers and educators. R&D has been co-funded by State and European Structural funds which award high-level competitive research. There are several patents and registered designs already granted on the ENGINO® system such as US D612,435S, CY2490, CY2532, 201320231425.4, US11/307,229, seventeen industrial designs 000675061-0001 to 17, trademark registrations EU 006698161 and USA number 3516245. There are also other patents that are pending as well. You can find images of patents and building systems on slides: 16, 20-22.

Since its launch, the system has received several local and international awards, while the company's R&D team continues to develop new innovations, taking ENGINO® to the 3rd generation of construction toys. Many organizations and committees from all over the world recognized ENGINO®'s toy system as one of the best. Some examples include the Best Green Product and Best Educational from Dr. Toy from the USA, Most Innovative Toy from Toy Russia Organization and Best Creative Fun from Tillywig Organization. In addition, ENGINO® has received the best SME award from the European Commission and the Innovation award from the Industrialist Association of Cyprus.