The Engino Story

Like most game-changing ideas, the Engino story begins with a very difficult problem and an inventor in a garage determined to find the right solution. 

When Costas Sisamos started experimenting with STEM learning systems in his free time in 2000, STEM was just a blip on the educational horizon. 

But Sisamos, an engineer and educator himself, knew that STEM was the future and that the best way for children to master STEM skills was by building actual models. 

He also knew what classrooms were missing from first-hand experience: a learning tool that would let kids design, build, and rebuild their models quickly, no matter what their age or learning style. 

Four years later, Sisamos found the solution he was looking for. He called his invention Engino, the pioneering STEM toy that has been helping teachers train the world’s next great problem-solvers since 2004. 

Today, Engino science toys, made with love and care in Cyprus, can be found online and in stores throughout the US, Europe and Asia. As STEM learning principles enter mainstream education, the Engino team is working harder than ever to develop even better learning tools that will keep young minds hungry to explore, design, and create.

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The Company

Engino® was founded in Cyprus in 2004 by mechanical engineer and educator Costas Sisamos as a tool to deliver a better STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning experience to children, parents and teachers around the world.

Sisamos envisioned a completely new kind of STEM modeling kit based on modular connectors for fast and easy assembly in classrooms. If students could build easily, they would have more time to cultivate the skills, knowledge and experience they needed to become world-class engineers. 

Generous funding from the European Union helped Engino complete the initial stages of R&D. In 2007, Engino launched its first STEM building set, featuring the patented snap-fit connectivity that would become the company’s trademark. 

Over the next few years, as the Engino name grew, Sisamos’ STEM toys racked up awards for design innovation both in Cyprus and abroad.

Today, as Engino’s third generation of educational toys hits the market, product innovation is stronger than ever. With over 50 different STEM kits and distribution in over 50 countries, Engino is one of the fastest-growing companies in the STEM toy field.

Since 2012, Engino’s award-winning science toys have been produced in a fully automated factory in Cyprus, setting new standards for production in Europe by introducing vertical integration from conception to manufacturing and retail.