Master Engineers

At this age children develop a more global, integrated, and complex self-image. Succeeding in creating functional models with ENGINO, is something that fuels a strong, positive self-image that lasts for a lifetime. Children contemplate about their future careers and begin to explore their innate talents, and it is very important that they  are provided with a wealth of experiences, gained through  engaging and smart, interdisciplinary STEM activities.

The products for Master Engineers combine the classic ENGINO® rods and connectors with our high-precision technical parts,  leading to open-ended advancements that spark critical thinking and innovation.

STEM Toy Sets

STEM toy sets with a variety of themes and learning outcome  to help children acquire 21st-century skills and capabilities to inspire the engineers and innovators of tomorrow.

Home Schooling Plans

A complete learning experience that turns your living room into a DIY robotics maker space. Gain ongoing access to a professional curriculum, content, and premium services.

Subscription Box

A monthly STEM toy kit is delivered to your doorstep along with weekly online experiments and activities. There are no commitments or cancellation fees! Choose the theme box that suits you.