Our Building System

The original ENGINO® system, launched back in 2007, consisted of only 18 basic components. These were designed to be as modular as possible so that with just a few different parts many models could be created. At that time, when ENGINO® was still a small start-up, the available budget was very small, and every new part meant investing in another injection tool. The famous construction toy giant at that time, had a library of more than 8000 different shapes, and the small ENGINO® team was up against a seemingly impossible challenge: 

How to develop a building system with less than 20 parts and be at par with a system of 8000 parts!

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato said, “necessity is the mother of invention”. After 3 years of intensive research and development, our disadvantage has turned out to become our biggest advantage. It has led to the design of our patented multi-functional joints (receptors and plugs) that allow snap-fit connectivity at both sides of a rod at the same time. It was this innovation that has propelled ENGINO® to one of the top industry leaders in the category of STEM and Robotics!

Odoo • Image and Text

Since then, our designers have embedded these same geometries to more specialized parts and developed new complimentary shapes that cover the needs of children from ages 3 to 14+. Today, the ENGINO® system continues to excel in usability, and even thought it has extended its library, it still has less than 200 different parts, while being perhaps the only system that is fully compatible throughout all ages.  


The ENGINO® system has now evolved into 3 sub-systems

the “Qboidz”, which consists of cube-like bricks for preschool children starting at the age of 3, the “Classic”, which is the original ENGINO® for kids of age 6 and above, and the more advanced “Mechanics” with precision engineered technical parts and gearing systems for children over 9 years old.

3+ Qboidz


6+ Classic


9+ Mechanics