A complete STEM solution designed for educators by educators

If teaching is all about inspiring young minds to understand, explore and engage with the world, there is no better way to nurture that curiosity than a solid grounding in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) principles.

The problem for many educators is that, while we all recognize the value of an early STEM education, implementing STEM into our classrooms effectively can be a huge challenge.

Engino was born out of our personal search as educators and engineers to answer that challenge.

As teachers, we wanted a creative, comprehensive, multidisciplinary learning experience for our students that educators without a background in engineering or technology could implement easily. 

As engineers, we wanted a building system that young minds would absolutely love to experiment and design with. 

The result is Engino, an extraordinary learning system that brings the wonder of scientific discovery into the classroom in a way that is just as exciting and intuitive for educators as it is for their students

The Engino teaching experience

Teaching with Engino is easy

Whether your students are figuring out how to program a robot to walk around a table without falling off or they’re reconstructing the London Eye,  Engino classroom solutions  give you all the educational resources you need to transform your science classroom into a STEM makerspace where creativity and innovation thrive

  STEM & Robotics handbooks

You don’t have to be an expert in robotics or coding to teach with Engino. We lay out the theory behind the science in clear, straightforward language. Plus, you’ll get: fascinating facts, useful definitions, real-life applications, the formulas behind the math, and plenty of examples you can use to enrich your lessons.

 Lesson plans

We provide all the teaching material you need: teacher guidelines, learning objectives, building instructions, historical background, fun experiments, theory and plenty of ideas for open projects.

 User-Friendly Software

Our STEM Robotics kits come with our own drag-and-drop coding software that’s easy to use no matter what your coding ability. KEIRO™ software is available for desktop and mobile download, and it’s great for teaching basic programming principles to young learners.

 3D builder 

Our game-changing 3D Builder shows you and your students exactly how your models look and feel in virtual reality. You can even build with virtual pieces and zoom in on difficult problems.

 Model library

Our extensive online model library will keep the designs and inventions flowing. Just download the easy-to-follow instructions for our extra experimental models and build!

Teaching with Engino is fun

Students love to play with our colorful, shiny rods and connectors because our patented snap-fit connectivity was specially designed for easy building and taking apart, saving you valuable classroom time. And kids will never get bored with Engino. Each of our classroom building sets can be used to build up to 50 different models, guaranteeing hours of creative play.


 Build in three directions

Engino’s unique snap-fit assembly lets kids build models vertically or sideways with ease from up to 6 sides simultaneously . Rods can also be snapped together without connectors, which means children need half as many parts to build, so they spend less time sticking pieces together and more time inventing.


 Connect everywhere

Engino model kits lets young inventors explore real-life building problems with zero restrictions. Our patented multidirectional pivots make building at tricky angles in 3D space a snap. Build at 90° or 45°, or at any angle in between, simply by adjusting the pivot with your finger.


 Build in new directions

Engino goes beyond traditional brick-based building sets. With our revolutionary extendable rods, young learners can build anything they can imagine, even triangles, while reducing the amount of parts required and maximizing efficiency. If you make a mistake, there’s no need to rebuild from scratch. Just lengthen or shorten the rod.


 Stack or click

Engino is for little inventors too! Our latest patented design gives growing hands a tool to build in a way they’re comfortable with, while boosting dexterity and spatial thinking. Best of all, our new early learner bricks are fully compatible with all other Engino parts!

Teaching with Engino is a comprehensive

STEM solution

Engino is much more than a fun way for your students to build models in class. It’s a curriculum-ready, STEM-based educational philosophy developed on the ground in real classrooms by educators for educators. 

During the course of their STEM journey, young learners will:

Discover what’s it’s like to think in 3D space and how structures actually feel and behave in their hands.
Find creative solutions to problems that really matter to them and test them with real-world experiments.
Teach themselves how the world works through inquiry-based learning.
Design and create the innovations that will drive tomorrow’s world

Start your STEM journey with Engino today!