Professional Engineers

After 12, children move into adolescence and as young adults begin to develop abstract thinking. They can use deductive reasoning and follow the Scientific method to test their hypotheses. At this stage, teens can think multiple potential solutions to problems and can be guided to apply the Engineering Design method. Starting from a real-life problem, they will identify constraints, research to gain background knowledge, design their own ideas and use the ENGINO® high-tech parts to develop a prototype to test, evaluate and modify. Professional Engineers are mature enough to learn complex coding techniques to program advanced robotic models.

STEM Toy Sets

STEM toys with a variety of themes, complexity, and learning outcomes.
Any Engino STEM toy will drive children to experience the thrill of scientific discovery with the aim to inspire the inventors of tomorrow.

Home Schooling Plans

 A complete learning experience that transforms your living room into a DIY robotics maker space. Gain ongoing access to a professional curriculum, content, and premium services.

Subscription Box

A monthly STEM toy kit is delivered to your doorstep along with weekly online experiments, activities, and challenges. There are no commitments or cancellation fees! Choose the theme box that suits you.